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Property Management

The Realty Co. Ltd.’s Approach to Real Estate Management

The Principals and associates of The Realty Company, Ltd. have over 40 years of diversified real estate experience in Hawaii, including residential and commercial brokerage; valuation and appraisal expertise and property management experience.

The Realty Company, Ltd. provides management expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, with an emphasis on strong client services and reporting. We view real estate brokerage as a multi-faceted discipline. We understand that the performance of your real estate investment is dependent upon the competence with which all aspects of how your investment is handled.

At The Realty Company, Ltd., we firmly believe that providing comprehensive real estate services is the key to adding value and preserving the equity of your real estate investment.

Residential Property Management

What to Expect When hiring The Realty Company, Ltd.

  • Screening of Tenants – All tenants must complete a rental application and be credit approved.
  • Written Rental Agreement –  All rental agreements are in writing with tenant and The Realty Company, Ltd.
  • Maintenance of Property – Conduct annual inspections and report and/or recommend maintenance type of repairs.
  • Reliable vendors – Use reliable and reasonably priced vendors for repair service. Savings are passed on to property owners.
  • Emergencies – We are available 24-hours a day for tenant emergencies.
  • Rent Collection – We will collect all of the monthly rental. If rent is not paid within 5 business days, tenant is contacted and a demand letter is issued if payment is not received.
  • Efficient Evictions – If needed, tenant is evicted as soon as possible. We retain an attorney and represent  owner in court if necessary.
  • Monthly Reporting – Provide monthly income statements with copies of all expense invoices.
  • 1099 & Annual Statement – Provide a 1099 and the detailed annual statement to take directly to your accountant.

Accounting and Client Reporting

Financial and client reporting are an integral part of responsive property management. Real time access to critical information must be provided in timely and accurate reports.

We provide financial statements on a monthly basis. We can also provide additional spreadsheet analysis and reports as required. Financial reports can be tailored to each client’s requirements.

At The Realty Company, Ltd., we understand that timely, accurate and comprehensive reports are of utmost importance to real estate owners.  Accurate, clear and concise financial reports provide you with the ability to track the effectiveness of your manager and provides the basis for a comprehensive understanding of your real estate investment.

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