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Best Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas

Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas








Did you ever wake up one day feeling bored and tired in the usual appearance of your apartment?

Do you want to remodel it and make it a home that embodies your personality? Remodeling your apartment can be an exciting chore to do. Unfortunately, the cost of an interior designer is way too high for most people to afford. So if you are cutting down on your expenses read on and discover some tips to help you decorate your apartment.

  1. Designate an area for specific purposes.

If you are living in a studio type apartment, you can compartmentalize the area according to your needs. Allot a specific area for your living room, kitchen, and sleeping quarters. These living spaces will help you get an idea of what to do with your apartment. It can also help you maximize the space for all of your living needs.

  1. Work with the furniture.

One of the most fundamental tips for apartment decoration is no excessive furniture. The space that you are provided in your apartment is limited so you have to keep the essential pieces. You can sell the extra furniture that you have and repaint your apartment with the proceeds. Use furniture sparingly and be smart on where you will put it. If you have a color theme, make sure that the furniture is in harmony with it. Two in one furniture pieces can be a good investment. Beds which fold into a chair, corner cabinets, or foldable chairs can be essential pieces that can help you maximize your space.

  1. Opt for Partition

You can divide your space by using unobtrusive partitions. Dividing curtains or foldable walls are some pieces that you must have. If you do not have these items, you can also use your existing furniture pieces to determine the spaces. For example, to separate your bed room from your living room, you can use your closet and a tall shelf.

  1. Finishing Touches

In maximizing your space, paintings and other wall decors can really help you. Aside from creating an illusion of wider space, you can also express your personality using these home decors. Bright and rich furnishings can make your room look larger and livelier. Whereas, earthen colors like black, brown, beige, gray, and white can create a subtle impression of minimalism and simplicity. All the other things that are present in your house such as your lighting, window blinds, and the pillow cases must complement the overall color scheme of your room. Other accentuating pieces that you can use are framed pictures, vases, and decorative lamps.

Get wild, be creative

Your room is all yours to decorate and style! Be playful throughout the process and make sure that you enjoy decorating your own living space. Keep in mind that your apartment is the place where you will live so it has to be comfortable and in sync with your personality. Follow the tips given above and be surprise when you get to see the colorful fruits of your labor.


Have fun


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